Why Does Daddy Go to Work?


Two weeks ago I quit my day job to focus on the quality of my life. I’ve made a lot of tough choices in my day but this one by far as been the most scary, but equally rewarding. Inspired by my career shift and perhaps as well by the illustration above, my very close friend John Bray honored me with this very funny but true poem that he composed himself. He puts into perspective very well what it means to not be working for yourself. Enjoy!

Why does daddy go to work?
Good question, kid, lets see…
We’ll take a look and think it through,
and talk economy.
It starts quite early in the day,
before you’re even up,
before the sun has risen,
before he’s had a cup,
of coffee that will wake him,
after a shower that probably sucked,
because it’s only 5:30 and
he knows his day is fucked.
But he does it with a smile.
Just kidding, it’s a frown.
He tosses on his suit and
makes his way downtown
“Shit,” he mumbles, on the train,
as rain pounds on the glass.
But his day is just starting.
What a pain in the ass.
Endless calls and meetings
and several unfulfilling tasks.
A long lunch with his manager
because he always fucking asks.
The evening train is better
because home is where he’ll be,
but you wouldn’t know that,
because you’re never awake to see.
So why does daddy do it?
Why does he work each day?
Truth is, kid, that’s hard to answer,
it’s just hard to say.
Probably for the money,
so that he can pay the bills.
So you can drive the car you drive,
so life can have its thrills.
But of course you need insurance,
and that’s reason number two.
Good health for the whole family.
It’s the shit that he must do.
So, kid, don’t fret and don’t feel sad,
Your daddy hates it as well.
Sure you never see him,
but he’s kind of stuck in hell.
That’s how it works for us adults.
It sucks to pay the rent.
And in this modern day and age,
one parent is absent.
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