Very Pinteresting!

My new web hobby is a companion to this blog. I’ve recently been introduced to and I’ve become absolutely obsessed. If you don’t know, Pinterest is a place where you can pin up and catalog all the awesome things you find on the web. Pretty sweet right?! Well, it’s also a social network, so you can follow the folks who’s pins you enjoy. I consider it a companion to this blog because there is a crap ton of design inspiration that I come across out there and frankly using the Pinterest bookmarklet is so much easier than creating a blog post for everything. Until now I’ve had to filter the content of this blog to what I consider the most elite. Pinterest broadens that filter tremendously. It’s an invite only group, but if you’re honestly “pinterested” send me your email address to with “Pinterest” in the subject line and will send you an invite in a jiffy. Here are all my pins so far. I dare you to make it to the end.

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