A lot happens in a family of six so I’ve started a little family illustration project to document life the best way that I know how.


Past Portraits



My three Daugters…




…and my son


Adventure Time

Super Bowl Sunday

This was my Super Blow Sunday. Which was just fine with me since I don’t really follow baseball anyway. Nothing like video games and cat chiropractics on a cold, gray day. My oldest honestly has that much energy on a relatively non-stop basis. You’d think she’s fighting a boss on that video game, but she’s only outfitting her Sack Person on Little Big Planet. Her and her sister will argue endlessly about what level to play and when they finally decide they spend the whole time playing dress-up

Walking In Style

We went on a walk the other day. Just around the neighborhood, but it was a blast. The little one couldn’t keep up so she spent a lot of time on my back. I don’t take a lot of photos. Mainly because I can never get the perspective that I see in my head. (Note to self: buy a camera drone) The nice thing about illustrating my memories is being able to add my subjective sense of how everything feels. Something that a photo could never capture.